Rana Kilani

Founder & Managing Director

Rana Kilani is a thought leader and founder of Alrana Consulting & Training, a startup advisory firm specialized in organizational development, Human Resources Management and innovation with a focus on working with entrepreneurs and start- up companies. Partner of Global Innovation Academy in UK, Menaitech HRMS in Jordan and Team Power International in Dubai.

Over her 30 years of experience, she worked with leaders in the MENA region from public and private industries as manufacturing, education, telecom, engineering and IT towards positive leadership and organizations excellence. She established a reputation as Human Resources Expert who is driven by innovation and challenge. She has high abilities to build a culture of positive leadership, transparency, engagement and conscience among executive teams and shareholders through the phases of organization change.

Rana is a very passionate humanitarian with a high sense of responsibility towards her community. She participated in several voluntary trainings and workshops for unprivileged youth & women, do career counseling and cv writing services.

In recognition to her efforts in the field of Human Resources Management and her leadership capabilities, Rana received the HR Leadership Award by World HRD Congress at the Global HR Excellence Awards 2011-2012.